Why would I want malware bytes to be looking for updates when I’m only concerned about viruses.

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    It took me Almost 8 minutes to even open the program three different times as I had to restart my laptop multiple times. If I can barely open the scanner why can’t it be an Immediate scan mode and then have it scan for updates, instead of letting viruses continue to run rampant on my system.

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      Its checking for updated virus and malware definitions to make sure it can detect the newest threats. Every good anti virus/malware software does this.
      The update is related to Malwarebytes, not the Operating System or drivers or anything else.
      Viruses evolve quickly, and updates in case you may have a virus which uses a day-zero vulnerability on your system. By checking for updates, it allows MBAM to detect these vulnerabilities and remove them from your system, or viruses which may be exploiting them.
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