What programs does the pro version contain?

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    Hi, I’m considering switching to the pro version of Zorin… But I want to understand what programs are included, on the site they are a bit vague… Can someone help me with the precise names? Thank you

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      I would wait until Zorin 17 is released to buy the Pro… Otherwise you will have to buy it again in a few months.
      If the only reason for you to upgrade to the Pro version is the included software, I would say it’s definitely not worth it. All the programs included on the pro version are available for free on the store. If you want the pro version for the customization themes, it would be a better deal, because, you can also customize zorin for free using Gnome Extensions and Gnome Tweaks, but Zorin Appearance is way easier, faster, and give you no chance to accidentally destroy your DE. Even if you are not interested in the themes, I always recommend the pro version as a way to support the Zorin team, that is definitely the bigger value of the Pro version.
      All of the softwares are for free , they are just pre installed(bloat and longer install time) You can download for free anytime on any distro anyway. 90% chance you dont need them anyway. If you want pro for layouts, you can customize your base gnome to anything you like anyway with few simple gnome extensions(even do a better job)
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