Was hacked a few hours ago

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    So heres what happened

    I got a message from someone I had recently talked to before and they wanted me to try out a game they were making and give some feedback. I got the link and everything seemed legit (Youtube trailer and everything) so I figured why not, I’m in game design, maybe i brought that up at some point.

    Once I get the ‘game’ and run it, Chrome and discord close INSTANTLY and I check the processes to kill the ‘game’ ones. Realize Discord isnt letting me log in, though Chrome is just fine. A few mins later, I get a friend request and a guy asking if I want my accounts back and that I was just hacked.

    Long story short, After trying a bunch of things, I just tell him “I guess I’ve got a lot of rebuilding to do” and he starts slinging threats. I don’t exactly remember how I did it, but I got back into my Emails and kicked him out, then began changing EVERYTHING I could since I had email access back.

    While I was talking with the guy, he said “I have your cookies, your passwords, your autofilldatas, your personal informations, your accounts and more I can steal your everything since i already stealed your 3 accounts rn. and I’m stealing more if you give me 100$, i will give your every single account back I will delete your passwords etc. from my pcI will show you how to delete the virus then we’re done.”

    I ran Malwarebytes a ton, in and out of safe mode, nothing came up. When I ran the ‘game’ malwarebytes DIDDNT trigger anything and none of my passwords I changed back have been changed again… Does this sound like something Mbam would be able to catch if the hacker really did leave something on my PC?

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      Sounds like the discord scam that had been running around.

      Basically, a user sends a link that hacks your discord account. If you stopped the process that was started and scanned PC. Then you should be fine with your PC. I would still go through and change all your passwords esp if they were stored in chrome.

      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3lyynl7hP8 video that explains it.

      Link the yt video or file
      You’d be surprised how easily small stealers like this get by Malwarebytes or any antivirus. It’s unfortunate that it happened, but I’d just fresh install everything and change all passwords
      I suggest, along with a malewarebytes scan, you go to virustotal.com and scan the file(s) there.
      Well if you stopped it’s process you should be fine, but scan your pc and then log back into everything and then change the info. Now you know, don’t click on links people send you
      This is similar to what happened Linus. Never trust strangers
      Malwarebytes isn’t much of a anti-virus. Your windows defender should be a if it’s not.
      This sounds like a classic Discord scam that is going around at the moment. First of all: don’t be upset with your friend as their account was hacked and it wasn’t them. Next I would strongly recommend running a full scan and doing security checkups on your Google account etc. I highly doubt that they were able to steal anything that your browser didn’t have stored as that just isn’t the MO of that attack.

      Make sure that you have 2 factor authentication turned on and that you invalidate all other sessions. Change any passwords that you had autofilled anywhere. As a rule of thumb, don’t let your *browser* remember any passwords in future — ever. Use a password manager (with a **strong** master password) or physically write them down (please don’t, for the love of all things Holy, have a passwords.txt file sitting somewhere).

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