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    Hey everyone, I’m currently using a Pop_OS install on a desktop connected to a TV. I’ve encountered a weird issue when trying to boot, though.

    The desktop is connected to the TV via HDMI. When I turn on the TV (Samsung smart TV), I have to navigate to the computer input. I then try to turn on my desktop. I get to the logo screen for the mobo, but it then hangs at a weird black screen with what looks like a single white underscore on it.

    After a force restart the computer, it boots with no problem. Anyone know what might be causing this? This is very similar to behavior I’ve seen when I’ve accidentally booted without the HDMI plugged in at all. The computer just hangs on a black screen.

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      make sure the ‘fast boot’ option is off in the systems firmware menus. That option can cause all sorts of weird quirks.

      Also there may be a ‘show oem’ logo option you want to disable, which may let you see any extra early boot messages.

      it sounds like with the TV OFF its not detecting any monitor plugged in, which is a bit odd, I have never seen that happen. There might be a TV setting for that. I have seen it happen when using one of those hdmi switches as well.

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