Garbled screen when trying to boot Mint

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    Hey guys, when trying to boot into Mint via bootable USB drive, I can select to start into Mint Cinnamon 64 bit without problem, but instead of a regular desktop I get a garbled screen. I tried it with a Manjaro drive as well where the same thing happens.

    I can boot into Mint compatibility mode, so it appears to be a graphics driver issue. The GPU is a quite old Radeon HD 7870 XT. The CPU is an Intel i5-4460.

    Now, I could try to install from compatibility mode but I fear that I will run into this issue again after installation.

    The system currently runs Windows 10 where I don’t have any graphics issues.

    Any advice on how I could proceed with getting Linux running on the machine?

    I performed a hardware probe from compat mode where clearly a driver issue was found: How do I deal with that?

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      This takes me back…yes, you will have the same problem if you install it. Different distros will not make any difference. I had the same problem on several older computers a bunch of years back. One way to bypass the issue is to get an older version of linux mint. I believe you need version 15, maybe 16 but then you would lose a lot of newer features and could have security issues. There is another way but at this time, I just don’t remember. I will have to find some old files where I had notes about this.

      Are you planning to dual boot or just run linux? If you want to play around with it, install it on an external drive in compatibility mode to see if it will do what you want it to do. It should not mess with your windows setup.

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