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    I am running Ubuntu 20.04 on arm64 machine. I want to clone (create disk image) of the whole system, along with all OS and all installations to image file (say iso) and restore it afterwards to another machine with exact same hardware configuration.

    Seems that clonezillla has experimental support for arm.
    From screenshots partimage seems a but involved.
    People seem to have some troubles with dd tool.

    I want the tool as simple and robust (tested) as possible, free and possibly open source. Can you please recommend any tool?

    (Also there are two configurations of the machine. One with all kinds of port and another with bare minimum ports (just Ethernet and USB C, even no wifi and bluetooth). I guess first machine will have relatively less challenges, later one might a bit more challenging to clone.)

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      an image file is not the same as an iso file.

      people like to use the terms interchangeably but they are not the same.


      you could plug the drive Into an x86 ‘normal’ system, and clone the drive to an image file with a tool like BalenaEtcher or dd or others, and make a raw image file (That is NOT an .iso file)

      then you could write that image file to some other device/larger drive.

      you would need to resize any partitions and frow Filesystems to use the bigger space but gparted on the x86 PC should be able to do that as well.

      I don’t know of any ‘simple’ tool for this ,what can be very complex , task.

      Simple image, use dd
      For a better version of it use dc3dd

      Both can be compressed for size/space by piping through your favorite compressor.

      There is also the old dump and restore commands for backing up and restoring stuff. You’d install it with apt install dump to get both utilities.

      Rsync to a tar archive works too.

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