A Plugin to create a support matrix

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    Hi, I was wondering if there was a plugin or easier way to create a support Matrix for our website similar to the one shown here. Any help is greatly appreciated

    All I see on the link you provided are paragraphs, lists and tables of text. The symbols ✔ and ✘ are standard ASCII characters. I don’t see anything special at all.

    These are very basic content building blocks, and if you’re using WordPress default editor, you should be able to create all these without the need for any plugin.

    If you’re using the Classic Editor, some other editor that doesn’t support tables, or you just need more control over your table design, then you could use a table plugin to take care of that bit.

    Again, I don’t see anything special on the page. But if I missed some other elements on the page that can’t easily be created in the built-in WordPress editor, please feel free to let me know.

    Standing by.

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